Greece is the most popular country with beaches for 2023

Future reservations are predicted to bring Greece to its goals on tourism for next year, since the country is ranked first among all European countries with beaches, according to Google searches.

Beach seeking travellers make Greece the clear winner for their 2023 summer holidays, with 5,4k Google searches per month and more than 142k instagram hashtags. The main interest of the travellers are the islands, with so many to choose from, but also Athens is considered a place to be because of its historical monuments and its archaeological interest.

Italy comes in second place, with 5,4k Google searches and 71k instagram hashtags, as a destination with stunning blue waters along the Amalfi coast and many cultural sites to visit.

Portugal, France and Ireland complete the ranking of the best places to visit in Europe for unique beach experiences, with 3.6k monthly Google searches and over 61k Instagram hashtags for Portugal, 3.6k in monthly Google searches and over 42k Instagram hashtags for France and 880 monthly Google searches and over 42k Instagram hashtags for Ireland.

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