Ancient Greek parties, the new trend in Mykonos

A new trend at the parties of the most popular Greek island is seen as a ‘new phenomenon’ for the events planners in Mykonos.

In the past days, a big event took place at an island’s venue and an Indian businessman was the one who got inspired by Ancient Greece and asked for an ancient Greek party with Caryatids as the protagonists.

Katerina Samiotaki, organizer of events on the island, told Alpha TV Channel that her client asked for a presentation of a piece of our history, emphasized on the 12 Greek Gods, along with a fire show.

Mrs Samiotaki noted that the Indian businessman wanted the models of the show to have natural beauty and, even though she couldn’t say the exact amount of the party’s cost, she revealed that a big themed party can reach a cost of 200.000 euros.

Such parties need at least one month preparation and there are a lot of foreign clients who ask for very big events –production wise- that have a great love for the Greek spirit, which they include in the party’s theme.

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