Montego Bay and Sitia in Greece Form Historic Bond with Sister City Relationship

Montego Bay and Sitia Establish Sister City Relationship

Giannis Chrisoulakis shared news of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a sister city relationship between Montego Bay and Sitia on his Facebook page. This news was initially reported by the Western Mirror, a newspaper based in Montego Bay. The article outlines the details of the MOU signing ceremony which took place outside the Montego Bay Cultural Centre in Sam Sharpe Square, on February 16th.

Montego Bay in Jamaica and Sitia in Greece have recently announced that they are officially sister cities. This agreement was formalized on February 16th with a signing ceremony taking place outside the Montego Bay Cultural Centre. This marks a historic moment and the first sister city relationship between Montego Bay and the European continent. The MOU was signed by the Mayor of Montego Bay, Leeroy Williams and Mayor of Sitia, Georgios Zervakis. This new relationship is intended to promote both cultural and commercial ties between the two geographically and politically distinct localities. The signing ceremony was attended by both Mayors as well as other dignitaries from both cities.

Both local governments see the new sister city relationships as a mutually beneficial way to strengthen their bonds and promote growth for each city, respectively. It is expected this new agreement will result in increased collaborations and exchanges of ideas between Montego Bay and Sitia in the upcoming years, creating a strong interaction between the two nations.


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